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Welcome to the Website of author Paula Scanland. We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair, pour your favorite beverage, and relax with her new novel, A Suffering Heart.

A Suffering Heart

Meryl’s perfect life seemed to be over after Don died suddenly from a rare disease. For years she has been trying to move on but to no avail. Anthony keeps asking her to marry him, but that means leaving the Colorado home she loves and moving to New York City. For Meryl’s daughter, Bea, there is only one answer that will warm their chilly relationship. Now Meryl finds herself experiencing things that she can’t explain. She is determined to find the answers to these bizarre events. In so doing, she is able to let go of her past and enjoy…a different kind of life.

Comments from

Easy read...hard to put down....vivid characters! The author has a way of visually placing you in each scene. Wonderful book!


Powerfully written, emotionally charged, a love story times two. A roller coaster ride of emotions as the story unfolds. It will touch your heart.

This emotional story came straight from the heart. Knowing the author certainly made it more meaningful for me, but it was well written and captured the essence of friendships and relationships that everyone can relate to.

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